PAXAus 2018 Coverage

This page includes everything I did at PAXAus 2018.

From the PAX AUS 18 Showroom Floor – Pokemon Let’s Go! – Player2

As perhaps the biggest and stupidest Pokemon fan in the world, I was super excited to get my hands on this title at Pax Aus. So stupid, in fact, that I tried to go through the wrong line to get there and had to be kindly escorted to the correct place by one of the show floor workers.

Once I actually found my way to the game I was handed one of the little Pokeball controllers. The white button acts as a thumbstick and a confirm, whereas a soft button hidden on the red top of the ball seems to be the cancel option. “Whether you get Eevee or Pikachu is random.” the woman demonstrating told me, looking apprehensively at my Eevee shirt, backpack, and soul all on display. We both bit our lips as the demo loaded. If I get Pikachu does that mean the universe hates me? Does Eevee hate me? Am I not truly the person I believe myself to be? Thoughts swirled in my head as to what it could all mean. I felt tense and I think this radiated from me as her eyes darted back and forth from the screen.

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From the PAX AUS 18 Showroom Floor – Soundfall & Totem Teller – Player 2

I reported on two of my favourite random indie games I found on the Indie Rising floor at PAXAus 2018.


The Player 2 Podcast – Episode 35: PAX Australia 2018

PAX Aus has been and gone for another year and as is a tradition at Player 2 we managed to get the crew together for a Podcast to celebrate. Join Matt, Hope, James, Adam, Paul, Stephen and Anna as they dive into what they saw, what they played and what they loved from Australia’s biggest gaming expo.


PAX Aus 2018 Interview Collection

I conducted several interviews at PAX Australia 2018. I’ve collected them here and will add to this page as more become available.

Enter the Gungeon Developer Talks About What It’s Like to Work With Devolver Digital [Interview]

It’s one of the most notably different companies in video games but what is it actually like to work with Devolver Digital? Even though it seems like Devolver Digital’s game catalog and unique press conferences make it seem as though it is on being a different publisher, some of its methods may still surprise you. We were lucky to chat to Dave Crooks, the game designer at Dodge Roll, the team behind the indie hit Enter the Gungeon at PAX Australia. He talked at length about just what it’s like to be an indie developer lucky enough to work with Devolver Digital, one of the more outlandish publishers in games.

Enter The Gungeon Developer Talks About How to Make a Good Roguelike [Interview]

The roguelike genre is incredibly popular but they can also be pretty hit and miss. Indie gems populate Steam and some rise clearly above the rest. Games like SpelunkyDead Cells, and Enter the Gungeon are all household names but what makes these achieve such success as not only great games, but great roguelikes? We talked to game designer at Dodge Roll Games Dave Crooks again about the team’s previous game Enter the Gungeon, its mysterious next title, and the ingredients of a good roguelike.

Interview – Graeme Struthers: Founding Partner of Devolver Digital

Devolver Digitial is one of the true success stories in gaming. Coming from nowhere, their unique take on indie publishing and humorous marketing has given them a huge following of devoted fans and a reputation for releasing quirky, original and highly polished games. Hope Corrigan was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with one of Devolver’s founding partners, Graeme Struthers and this is what he had to say.

Interview – Megan Summers – Product Manager/Developer Screwtape Studios

At PAX Aus, Hope sat down with Megan Summers, one of the brains behind the quite excellent arcade platformer, Damsel to chat about life as an indie developer and what’s in store for the future.

Interview – Tim Veletta, Developer of Teleblast

TeleBlast was one of the many stellar games featured in the Indie Showcase at PAX Aus 2018. It’s developed primarily by the one man powerhouse Tim Veletta and features a cool arcade beat of shooting, teleporting, and making huge explosions to kill your friends.

Player 2 writer Hope Corrigan had already interviewed Tim in the lead up to PAX about TeleBlasts development from Global Game Jam project to featuring in the Indie Showcase. She then decided to stop by the booth for a play of her own and a quick chat. She’d like to let everyone reading this know that she quickly became very good and TeleBlast and defeated everyone exhibiting the game to her and that they totally did not let her win at all. Pulling Tim away from his stand for a few minutes she asked him how his PAX experience was going for this first timer.