From the PAX AUS 18 Showroom Floor – Pokemon Let’s Go! – Player2

As perhaps the biggest and stupidest Pokemon fan in the world, I was super excited to get my hands on this title at Pax Aus. So stupid, in fact, that I tried to go through the wrong line to get there and had to be kindly escorted to the correct place by one of the show floor workers.

Once I actually found my way to the game I was handed one of the little Pokeball controllers. The white button acts as a thumbstick and a confirm, whereas a soft button hidden on the red top of the ball seems to be the cancel option. “Whether you get Eevee or Pikachu is random.” the woman demonstrating told me, looking apprehensively at my Eevee shirt, backpack, and soul all on display. We both bit our lips as the demo loaded. If I get Pikachu does that mean the universe hates me? Does Eevee hate me? Am I not truly the person I believe myself to be? Thoughts swirled in my head as to what it could all mean. I felt tense and I think this radiated from me as her eyes darted back and forth from the screen.


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