Disco Elysium Taught Me I Need Therapy

When I first started playing Disco Elysium I made the kind of character I often do in RPGs. I poured points into intelligence and emotional skills and left out the physical. It’s nice to explore a game from the context of conversation rather than combat when you have the chance. It also reflects how I view myself. I have a body that lets me down at every turn so I’ve had to rely on my mind most of my life. I immediately died trying to reach a necktie due to my lack of physical fortifications. “This game is too real” I joked to myself. I had no idea.

I rerolled a character with a little more physique (but not much more). My lizard brain once again regaled me with the story of life, death, and narcotics before I snapped to consciousness. I got the tie, got dressed, and began my adventures as a beautiful disaster policeman.

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