Review: Nintendo Switch Console – Sticky Trigger

The Nintendo Switch is finally out, and after some serious flip-flopping, I purchased one.  After having the console for about half a week, here are my impressions on the latest iteration from Nintendo.

The first thing I noticed about the Switch that really took me aback was the size.  Every other console this gen has come in a huge, heavy box most of which was dedicated to the console itself.  The Switch’s box is tiny by comparison, and opening it was such a simplistic endeavour, it’s obvious even at this point that portability is forefront in the design.  Everything had its place, and if I wanted to put it all back perfectly I could do so with ease – and it would fit perfectly.  I remember my brain having this weirdly satisfied reaction, and I remarked upon how Nintendo “really had their shit together” when it came to packaging the device.

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